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AUTHOR: Alejandro Rodriguez

Learning and UX

The emergence of UX in the digital world is beginning to have an effect on the e-­learning industry. And one of the most important roles in this discipline, the Instructional Designer, has an open invitation to evolve and become a Learning Experiences Designer.

The groundwork for this new role in UX is defined in this post by Andre Plaut …, and it draws a parallel between the UX framework by Jesse James Garret and the one that should be followed …

Digital projects, expense or investment? (II)

On my previous post we saw the importance of generating a culture where our work developing digital projects is considered as an investment and not just as a simple expense, susceptible of being reduced at the first financial hurdle. Today we continue to look for ways that allow us to change this perception and ways we can demonstrate our worth.

What if we are the investment?

Being able to create a culture in which creating a digital product goes from …

Digital projects, expense or investment? (I)

The client’s intention when creating digital projects, generally described, is what is helpful for:

  1. Earning money.
  2. Saving money.

The problem is how to achieve any of them if these two things are almost never clear enough.

No matter how the client presents its idea, we need to consider that hiring our services means a financial outlay for the client.


This economical transaction between the client and the designer can be seen in two different ways:

  1. Expense (the client) – Income

Now that we have a Smartwatch, what can we do with it?

My first reflection when I saw the first mobile phone was: why would I want this if I already have a telephone at home?

I remember thinking that mobile phones would only be useful for boasting about, and that the only ones who would make the most of these devices were the brokers and drug pushers. For me, anyone else who owned one did so only to pretend that they belonged to one of these trades.

The feeling I have …

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