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AUTHOR: Davide Palummo

The Digital Transformation in Consulting Companies

The consulting companies I often deal with are concerned with providing support to companies in the human resources sector with training, talent management, coaching and any other activities that allow organizational change to increase business power.

It is surprising, however, to find out how many consultancy firms are still tied to traditional models and have none, if not sporadically, activated digital proposals: this is the bad news.

The good one, however is the awareness that these consulting companies have matured: …

New generation e-learning? Something is changing, even in the Italian market

For years the providers of e-learning solutions in Italy, excluding certain exceptional situations, have faced interlocutors who were equally divided into two categories. Firstly, one that had to solve a specific mandatory training need where there was little interest in “how”, but rather that this requirement was ticked off the list. Secondly, one that had a better idea and conscious that staff training is a complex process which has to include, in addition to good contents, a series of activities …

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