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AUTHOR: Fernando Diaz Gestal

Put your e-learning content on a diet!

When creating e-learning content, the main factors we need to consider are the following:

  • The platform/portal in which we are going to host it
  • The ease of use for students and their engagement
  • The relevance of content for learning
  • The importance of the subject matter for the final user
  • The assessment mechanisms provided to measure learning
  • The average time required to perform it

However, there are other secondary factors to which we don’t pay enough attention: one of them is …

Tin Can API: the future of eLearning?

Tin Can API (renamed as eXperience API by ADL) is a new eLearning specification which is different to all previous ones because it allows the integration of a higher number of learning experiences, both online and offline.


Credits: Rustici Software

It is without doubt the best candidate to substitute our old friend SCORM 1.2 which has tried to evolve over the years with SCORM 2004 in its different editions. But as we can see in the following chart, its rate …

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