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AUTHOR: Joserra Mosteiro

Teachers: We’ve made it easy! Change whatever you want from the book.

We’ve finally done it, a book where we can add content, change it, eliminate it, both in real time and delayed. The authoring tool is within the book.

It seems obvious, but it is not.

The editorial content is often static, the publisher provides either a book or an authoring tool, but not both at once.

We talk about personalised learning adapted to the class group or the students but how can we do this at point of need?

The …

Publisher, create content with embedded smart capabilities

We are now at a point in our journey towards the digital classroom where there is constant talk of concepts such as adaptive learning, personalised smart content, learning analytics and classroom management tools. In reality when we think of the normal process of creating editorial content, we also have to consider how this content will coexist with a complex and changing ecosystem.

We believe that content is increasingly a “living environment”, not a SCORM piece or similar which is located …

Digital Classroom Ecosystems Do we take advantage from technology? Project T-Didacta.

When it comes to training infants and giving them the best education, all new development seems appetizing. The use of new technologies is seen as the ‘panacea’ that will bring a new generation of super-citizens. Of course, the fact is that technological advances and real applications rarely go together so well.

For several years, we have been witnessing the unstoppable rise of tablets as tools for content consumption and a growing association with the classroom seems inevitable (hurrah!). Tablets may …

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