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AUTHOR: Martin Belton

Storytelling, content curation and gamification: the new eLearning zeitgeist

At the recent Learning Live event in London, the LPI polled delegates about the most important element for the design of training programmes: content curation (selection), storytelling or gamification. As it turned out, the subjects divided our delegates remarkably evenly.

Learning Live captured the new trend in the industry which harnesses the combination of these potentially diverse themes to enable you to build immersive learning experiences that learners will want to return to time and again. We can curate content …

The growing case for gamification

The evidence that gamification is a growing trend is unavoidable. This new infographic neatly reveals just how widespread this evidence is. In case you’re wondering why it’s growing so quickly, the benefits are also here. A close look at the infographic reveals they are clear and reasonable. The question therefore isn’t really whether gamification is ready for us. It’s whether we’re ready for it!

Learning professionals are now asking how they can apply these concepts into their real work environment. …

The divorce is over. It’s time to remarry learning and systems

Have you heard the story about the group of developers who despaired about having to observe as many as nine competing and diverse ‘standards’ to create compliant elearning software? They decided to get together and create a brilliant new unifying standard.  Now there are 10 different standards needed…

But seriously folks, dull to the onlooker though they may be, the elearning business is built on the appliance of standards and specifications. They enable us to access what seems to be …

Why does a PLE make us feel warm and gooey?

Some concepts in learning just seem to irritate people. Others meet universal approval. Walk into any L & D conference mutter ‘LMS’ and chances are you’ll get short shrift from the assembled audience. On the other hand, shove the words ‘personalised learning environment’ into the conversation and you’ll soon have people crowding round, probably volunteering to charge your glass if you hang around long enough for the after-drinks (note I haven’t actually tried this yet and may have overstated its …

Finding your way through the gamification gateway

Netex designed its new survey to help you get through the gamification gateway intact and discover what you need to do to start putting your strategy in place.

It seems today that the learning marketplace is awash with stats telling how gamification can revolutionise organisational learning. The evidence is, almost without exception, positive. Gamification is, it seems, learning catnip.


It’s a lot more difficult though to pin down useful information on how to actually implement a learning gamification strategy and …

Why 2016 could be an important year for those difficult learners

Here’s a multiple-choice question for you to ponder. It’s not a hard or a trick one. Simply choose which of the following phrases you have heard most often when listening to employees comment on their organisation’s elearning:

  1. “Our elearning is just boring. Nobody likes doing it because it’s not very well written”
  2. “It’s just a waste of time because I already know it – I just tick the right boxes so I can get to the end of it.”
  3. “Oh

Learning to live without the keyboard

The film Her (2013) told of a divorcee who develops a romantic relationship with the AI in his computer’s operating system. It cleverly explores the social stigma and personal conflict that might arise. I’d highly recommend it. But whilst watching it, I couldn’t help notice that, in this futuristic society, there was a distinct lack of keyboards.

Good bye, keyboard!

Just yesterday, I set a reminder to pick up a missed parcel from the post office at 13:15 with a single button press. …

More than blended learning? I’ll drink to that!

Clive Shepherd’s impressive new book, ‘More than blended learning’ dropped through my letterbox the other day. In it, Clive describes how mixing a wide range of learning methods and media can maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of a training programme. He provides clear and practical design processes that learning professionals can adopt. This alone makes it an essential read for anyone looking to get ahead in the profession.

Though the idea of blended learning has been with us …

The importance of innovation in learning

In a recent report from the National Literacy Trust it was shown that children aged three to five often read for longer and had a better grasp of vocabulary when accessing touch-screen technology. The report went on to say that ‘touch-screen technology “could be a vital new weapon to combat low literacy in key target groups”.

Best of all, the study found that tablet computers had a particular impact on groups that are traditionally most resistant to reading – particularly …

Learner engagement: it’s all in the can

eXperience API (formerly Tin Can) is much more than just a new way of tracking learning. Instead, it marks a major step forward in the battle to improve student engagement in the world of elearning says Mike Byrne of Netex

A relatively recent survey of 100 University students revealed that they have average attention spans of around 10 minutes. Many would feel this is not exactly a revelation. After all, back in 1985, another study testing students on their recall …