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We can close the (skills) gap

I’m going to take a walk through the historical centre of a town I have not visited before, while listening to a podcast that introduces me to the history.

To follow the story without getting lost, my smartwatch guides me and releases small vibrations when I have to make a turn. While I walk, I take voice notes, I check the voice assistant, and I take the opportunity to make a call to consult a colleague about a place he …

Transforming Learning into Data Driven Experiences

This is the second in the series of our insights from Learning Live this year, following on from Mike Byrne’s initial introduction to the series last week.

More than ever most experiences people are engaged with on a daily basis are shaped by a digital layer. Whether it is to book a service, to communicate with friends, listen to music, read a book, watch a movie, or indeed buy or sell goods and services. For businesses and L&D departments to …

Digital transformation top of the list for Heads of HR

Nothing quite spells the end of summer like the obligatory first day of school photos, followed by the rush to get into London to attend the annual and now increasingly “must attend” event, LearningLive. The conference has grown from strength to strength in recent years and the ability to talk to senior decision makers from L&D and Human Capital Management is particularly invaluable.

The Netflix experience

José Manuel Martín explains that it’s time to change the way we find and use our elearning content in our organisation.

For 20 years we have been following a model borrowed from our experience of education and learning, mimicking the philosophy of the university or school. That is, we’ve been offering our learners a catalogue of courses where they must register and navigate through the selected course and complete it.

But times have changed and we no longer consume content …

Finding Neverland for the New Learner

“Learning is no longer an internal, individualistic activity.  How people work and function is altered when new tools are utilised. The field of education has been slow to recognise both the impact of new learning tools and the environmental changes in what it means to learn.”

 George Siemens, A Learning Theory for the Digital Age, 2004

The reason for making the word ‘slow‘ in bold is quite evident in corporate learning considering the quote is thirteen years old …

The Digital Transformation in Consulting Companies

The consulting companies I often deal with are concerned with providing support to companies in the human resources sector with training, talent management, coaching and any other activities that allow organizational change to increase business power.

It is surprising, however, to find out how many consultancy firms are still tied to traditional models and have none, if not sporadically, activated digital proposals: this is the bad news.

The good one, however is the awareness that these consulting companies have matured: …

Resistance is Futile!

You can’t stop the rise of IT connectivity; learning systems are next up to join the Internet of Things

According to a new market research report, the Internet of Things (IoT) Integration market will be worth 3,301 Million USD by 2022.  This figure covers associated IoT devices and platform management, system design and architecture and other advisory services. They forecast the global market will grow from USD 760 Million currently to USD 3,302 Million by 2022. That’s a Compound …

Learning to love Microlearning

Call it bite-sized learning, performance support nuggets or even “micro-assets”, microlearning suddenly seems everywhere. Hitting us in ever smaller more intense bursts, these tasty chunks are leaving us breathless and panting for more knowledge everywhere we go.

But what exactly constitutes microlearning, beyond content delivered in 1-5 minutes bursts?  Microlearning was conceived as a solution for just-in-time training and performance support. But it can also be applied to long term learning programmes. Exponents claim that delivering learning content in bite-size …

Consumerisation of learning (II)

In part one of this blog series I explored the changing digital landscape affecting L&D professionals today and relevance of traditional learning methodologies to the modern learner, if you missed this article you can review it here. In this follow-up piece, I want to start to take a look at how specific approaches are disrupting the status quo within the digital learning sector and re-engaging our learners.

At Netex, we like to think we are unique, for many reasons! …

Consumerisation of Learning (I)

I am going to start by asking the readers a question, based on the assumption that most of the audience will be involved in L&D and more specifically Learning Technologies in some way or another:

What happened the last time you were at a social event and you were asked the very British question, “So what do you do?” Invariably when I say eLearning, the response falls into one of two categories:

  1. “Oh, what is that then?”
  2. “Oh… yes, I