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Challenging the learning experience

Large organisations are empowering middle managers to help people in their professional development and defining their own goals in terms of performance. These practices, increasingly disassociated from the “endless” chains of cascading objectives, require coaching to help people in the short term (itinerary for the position) and in the medium term (skills development to be prepared for the future).

What is the role of the L&D department in this regard? Instructing, as coaches, middle managers? Being facilitators in the classroom …

The Digital Transformation in Consulting Companies

The consulting companies I often deal with are concerned with providing support to companies in the human resources sector with training, talent management, coaching and any other activities that allow organizational change to increase business power.

It is surprising, however, to find out how many consultancy firms are still tied to traditional models and have none, if not sporadically, activated digital proposals: this is the bad news.

The good one, however is the awareness that these consulting companies have matured: …

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