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Challenging the learning experience

Large organisations are empowering middle managers to help people in their professional development and defining their own goals in terms of performance. These practices, increasingly disassociated from the “endless” chains of cascading objectives, require coaching to help people in the short term (itinerary for the position) and in the medium term (skills development to be prepared for the future).

What is the role of the L&D department in this regard? Instructing, as coaches, middle managers? Being facilitators in the classroom …

Who stole my pencil?

In a recent meeting with people working in the education field I was asked, “Is the digital book going to end school failure?” I wish it was that easy. Obviously, the factors that determine school failure are so varied that moving a single piece on the board does not make us champions of the game.

For our team, education has become a passion, just as we are in adult learning. We have worked for years with the best publishers in …

What is a digital backpack?

Our definition of a student’s “digital backpack” is a set of educational content, mainly textbooks, in digital format selected by a collaborative group of teachers to be used during an academic year.

A very common mistake is to limit the concept of “digital backpack” to a simple change of format, going from physical and traditional paper format to another adapted through a computer device. The “digital backpack” not only evolves the way to access content, but also involves a direct

Making gamification happen (II): Structuring for success

In part one of this blog we revealed the results of a question asked by Mike Byrne at the recent eLN CONNECT Conference. They suggested that, whilst their remains enormous amounts of goodwill towards gamification and a general belief that it is ‘getting there’, for most it has far from actually arrived. Now we turn to making it happen.

It’s not hard to understand why moving to a gamified elearning strategy is a challenge. Most organisations today have plenty of …

New publishing challenges. Interview with Carlos San José and Francisco Prior from Anaya.

Francisco Prior and Carlos San José give us an interview in which we unravel the new challenges and opportunities that publishing houses are facing.

The School 2.0 project has been in progress for a number of years now in Spain. How do you see the current situation?

Francisco– At the moment, ICT is a reality in schools. The interactive whiteboard, for example, is present in almost 90% of schools. As for the rest of the ICT, it is well …

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