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Un punto de encuentro para amantes de la formación y de las nuevas tecnologías aplicadas al aprendizaje.

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Ed Monk & Will Storr: reflections on storytelling and learning at i-love learning 2017

It’s a month today after the i-love learning 2017 event in Madrid. Following the “hangover” of this intense day focused on trends and future of e-learning, Ed Monk and Will Storr, two of the keynote speakers, offer a brief reflections on the themes of their respective conferences.

Will Storr: storytelling is learning

It was my great honour and pleasure to be invited by Netex to speak to the fifth annual I Love Learning event in Madrid, 2017. My presentation focused …

Making gamification happen (I): Triggers and challenges

I’ve talked a lot about gamification. Most specifically, how you can use gamification to motivate learners before, during and after learning. And by and large, I meet with a pretty positive reaction. There is the odd doubter of course. But generally speaking, people tend to brighten up when you wheedle the subject into yet another conversation.

But my enthusiasm got a reality check recently at the eLN CONNECT Conference. It was here that Netex UK’s own Mike Byrne’s used …

Is Pokémon Go really revealing new learning horizons?

Gamification has taken a new turn – one which people can hardly have failed to notice – with Pokémon Go. Much has been said about the way it has motivated people to walk in search of the Pokémon rewards. Clear evidence, were any needed, of the power of gamification to persuade people to do things they otherwise wouldn’t.

From a technology point of view Pokémon Go is equally interesting. Its successful use of a form of augmented reality has caught …

Why videogames should be your leisure activity

Videogames arouse all kinds of emotions in who plays them, as well as judgments and prejudices across who does not. Usually they are associated with violent or antisocial behaviour even though numerous studies have shown for years the advantages of video games for those who practice them. It is the case of an analysis performed by a group of psychologists and recently presented by the BBC, which demonstrates how video games can change (for the better) the way our

Back to school… bridging the skills gap

Summer (or the concept of…) will soon become a distant memory. Social media feeds now see pictures of beaches replaced by the obligatory shots of children in their new uniforms stood in front of doors. As our minds turn back to education and the term-time ahead, it got me thinking about how does education prepare the students of today to be the workforce of tomorrow…

There can be no doubt that children nowadays are most definitely digital natives! Just take …

Learner engagement: it’s all in the can

eXperience API (formerly Tin Can) is much more than just a new way of tracking learning. Instead, it marks a major step forward in the battle to improve student engagement in the world of elearning says Mike Byrne of Netex

A relatively recent survey of 100 University students revealed that they have average attention spans of around 10 minutes. Many would feel this is not exactly a revelation. After all, back in 1985, another study testing students on their recall …

Seven Reasons to love generic elearning

Generic or off-the-shelf e-learning gets a bad rap these days. A new ‘Valhalla’ has emerged: powerful interactive technologies that enable collaborative learning and exchange of exciting ideas. Meanwhile, scorned by the chattering classes for its page-click linear approach, generic languishes banished to a corner, its name occasionally whispered at conferences like some black-sheep relative at a wedding.

That said, nobody seems to have got round to telling this to the people who buy e-learning. According to a recent survey, …

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