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Is software quality possible?

Why is quality in Computer Engineering always a feature to be sacrificed when we are short of time/money? It is curious how, in other branches of Engineering, nobody would question the importance of quality. There is a sentence that a professor of Quality, Safety and Auditing told us during a lesson: “Would you pass over a bridge made by a friend who has studied Civil Engineering?”.

The answer, unless we don’t like (or like very much) our friend, is undoubtedly …

We can close the (skills) gap

I’m going to take a walk through the historical centre of a town I have not visited before, while listening to a podcast that introduces me to the history.

To follow the story without getting lost, my smartwatch guides me and releases small vibrations when I have to make a turn. While I walk, I take voice notes, I check the voice assistant, and I take the opportunity to make a call to consult a colleague about a place he …

Learning Experience Platform market growing by 50% a year

The traditional LMS market is changing

Josh Bersin recently said in an article that the LXP (Learning Experience Platform) or NGLE (Next Generation Learning Environments) market is growing so fast that it is too big to ignore.

$300 million and growing 50% per year (in other articles he spoke of a 200% growth), it may seem little compared to $4 billion of the LMS market, unless it is not two different markets but a product that is stealing share of …

Cooperate to grow

“Dealing with everything means losing relevance”. Success in software development is in the specialisation. My leitmotif when facing the development of a product is “Focus on what you do best, and join the best in their field.” Experience tells me that, otherwise, it is very difficult to further progress at a good pace. The idea is to focus and specialise in what you really are good at (in our case, the e-learning product), and benefit from the good of …

Resistance is Futile!

You can’t stop the rise of IT connectivity; learning systems are next up to join the Internet of Things

According to a new market research report, the Internet of Things (IoT) Integration market will be worth 3,301 Million USD by 2022.  This figure covers associated IoT devices and platform management, system design and architecture and other advisory services. They forecast the global market will grow from USD 760 Million currently to USD 3,302 Million by 2022. That’s a Compound …

Consumerisation of learning (II)

In part one of this blog series I explored the changing digital landscape affecting L&D professionals today and relevance of traditional learning methodologies to the modern learner, if you missed this article you can review it here. In this follow-up piece, I want to start to take a look at how specific approaches are disrupting the status quo within the digital learning sector and re-engaging our learners.

At Netex, we like to think we are unique, for many reasons! …

Of trains and dinosaurs (or why the interoperability of your LMS is so important)

The concept of interoperability of systems is not new at all. For decades, it is a line of action sought and desired in areas such as transport or public administrations, with more or less happy results. No need for a judicious analysis, not a long dissertation about lofty concepts to understand the importance of related systems being able to understand and communicate with each other. To find an example of what means to opt for an “autistic” system, it is …

What is a digital backpack?

Our definition of a student’s “digital backpack” is a set of educational content, mainly textbooks, in digital format selected by a collaborative group of teachers to be used during an academic year.

A very common mistake is to limit the concept of “digital backpack” to a simple change of format, going from physical and traditional paper format to another adapted through a computer device. The “digital backpack” not only evolves the way to access content, but also involves a direct

A look at the learning systems of the future

During his webinar on next generation learning platforms, UK Director Mike Byrne highlighted some of the key drivers that will shape these systems. Notably he started by spotlighting changing learner needs and consumerisation of learning, issues which are in many ways connected.

That connection is rooted in our ever present, always online mobile devices. Mike rightly points out that the ubiquity, familiarity and capabilities of these devices has helped to ‘consumerise’ learning. By that we mean that learning is …

LT2017: how to be part of learning in the new age

Learning Technologies was certainly bigger and probably better than ever in 2017. Certainly, the stands were bigger. But it was also clear the industry has moved on in terms of innovation and technologies. The exhibition revealed a wider variety of products than ever before with new platforms for gamification, virtual world learning and micro-learning on show. Existing vendors were also not to be outdone with much talk about new integration solutions.

Particularly noticeable was the effect of the new learning …

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