I-love learning

Un punto de encuentro para amantes de la formación y de las nuevas tecnologías aplicadas al aprendizaje.


i-love learning 2019 / Madrid Friday 15th February

More information at i-lovelearning.com/evento-2019


i-love learning 2018 / Madrid Friday 16th February

  • Truth and trends – what lies ahead for digital learning in 2018 and beyond?
    David Perring
  • Making your learning technology implementation a success.
    Donald H. Taylor
  • Technology makes us more human.
    Pilar Jericó
  • Consumerisation of Learning.
    Mike Byrne
  • Digital learning in the pharma sector. Round Table.
    Tanit Ruiz (MSD), Nuria Fernández (Almirall). Moderator Eva AStorga.

More information at i-lovelearning.com/en/event-2018


i-love learning 2017 / Madrid February 17th

  • The Science Behind Storytelling.
    Will Storr
  • The Role of L&D in the Modern Organisation.
    Ed Monk
  • Universidades Corporativas: Estrategia Digital actual y retos a futuro.
    Mesa redonda
  • Tendencias para el 2017.
    José Martín – Sumedh Kasare – Juan Anguita
  • El Enigma del Lenguaje: las claves del tiempo halladas en las Palabras.
    Luis Castellanos

More information: i-lovelearning.com/2017-madrid


i-love learning 2016 / London November 16th

  • The Science Behind Storytelling.
    Will Storr
  • The Role of L&D in the Modern Organisation.
    Ed Monk
  • Netex Preview 2017.
    Mike Byrne

More information: i-lovelearning.com/2016-londres

i-love learning 2016 / México June 9th

  • Un paso más: la movilidad gamificada.
    Dulce Ortiz, de Rapiscan Systems
  • Interoperabilidad, Gamificación, Movilidad en los nuevos ecosistemas elearning corporativos.
    Jose Manuel Martín, Netex
  • Del curso tradicional a la solución learningCoffee multi-dispositivo.
    Marco Carbajal, Netex

More information: i-lovelearning.com/2016-mexico

i-love learning 2016 / Madrid Friday 12th February

  • Learning Big Factory.
    Ernesto Barrios from Repsol.
  • Making sure the dice are loaded. Gamification strategy questions you must answer.
    Andy Jones de Honeyboot & Lemon
  • Interoperabilidad. La nueva tendencia en formación corporativa.
    Joserra Mosteiro y José Manuel Martín, de Netex

More information: i-lovelearning.com/2016


i-love learning 2015 / Madrid Friday 13th February

  • ROI and gamification in social learning environmets.
    Gonzalo de la Rosa, Director HR para España de CETELEM
  • Learning Analytics and new intelligent content.


i-love learning 2014 / Madrid Friday 14th February

  • The 10 most innovative elearning trends (mobile learning, BYOD, Content chunking, responsive design, etc)
  • xAPI and collaborative content


i-love learning 2013 / Madrid Friday 13th February

  • Video-based content.
  • HTML5 authoring tools.
  • Mobile learning.
  • LMS compatible with Tin Can API.