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Gamification: which camp are you?

Gamification is becoming increasingly popular as a learning tool. But whilst there is much talk on the subject, there is also a lot of misunderstanding. The most frequent of these mistakes is the assumption that gamification is about the inclusion of stand-alone games in elearning. It is not. It is about the using gameplay mechanics; that is the construct of rules and rewards that encourage users to explore and learn through the use of feedback mechanisms and awards.

There is …

Put your e-learning content on a diet!

When creating e-learning content, the main factors we need to consider are the following:

  • The platform/portal in which we are going to host it
  • The ease of use for students and their engagement
  • The relevance of content for learning
  • The importance of the subject matter for the final user
  • The assessment mechanisms provided to measure learning
  • The average time required to perform it

However, there are other secondary factors to which we don’t pay enough attention: one of them is …

28 years on

In 1986, Eddy Shah founded the UK newspaper Today. For the newspaper industry it was a landmark occasion with new printing techniques and practices changing everything they knew. But the paper’s readers will remember it for one thing – colour printing. Unions argued about it. Critics questioned it. But newspaper publishing was never the same again. New technology had irrevocably changed the whole business.

Over a quarter of a century has passed since those heady days. But change is …

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